Anil Kumar

Founder & CEO

Anil, as a Founder and CEO, is responsible for the strategic direction, growth and financials of the company. An Architect at heart he is a technologist extraordinaire. He possesses extensive experience of developing products for over 15 years which have helped solved customer needs of business intelligence & reporting across domains like Manufacturing, Finance – Banking and Insurance, Govt offices, Mining, Retail etc.
Anil is a certified AWS Solutions Architect specializes in Cloud consulting and migration of existing complex corporate ecosystem.
Anil gives overall direction on new products, manages customer expectations and leads on technology stack decisions for the products and the company.
Anil has a proactive approach to problem solving and constantly pushed the boundaries on new technologies and working out how to make them relevant in the modern business world.


Archana Kulkarni

Co-Founder & COO

Archana, is a Co-founder and COO, She is responsible for Operations of the company. An Architect with over 15 years of experience in shaping complex products, adept with all technological advancements, she has been instrumental in building all of our estate to customers liking and expectations especially focusing on integration and the customer experience.
Archana is also a certified AWS Solutions Architect and specializes in Cloud consulting and migration of existing complex corporate ecosystem.
Archana has a great role in shaping company’s future growth & strategy, is responsible for the financials, She is excellent at communication and manages prospects and customer communications.



Sr Software Engineer

Sumeet , is a Senior Developer, very passionate about technology . He comes up with innovative ideas and takes lead in any development activities. Sumeet is the mentor for all young developers and handles the responsibility with aplomb.Extremely focused on quality Sumeet will usually go few miles extra to ensure smooth customer experience.
He adapts to changing technology and is always a step ahead in thinking and innovating.


Yogesh Kayande

Sr QA Engineer

Yogesh , is the Sr QA engineer , he gets into domain very quickly ensures he sees products from the customer’s eyes while testing.
He has shaped the organizations processes and tools for Testing. He ensures thorough testing of our products giving customers a very pleasant and hassle free experience especially while upgrading any software.

He is very focused on automation and makes significant effort in reducing any manual overheads associated with testing.



Sr Software Engineer

Snehal is one of the key developers in the team. Extremely modest and expert at creating the stunning front-end components that can scale and integrate with the applications beingdeveloped.
Snehal is a quick learner and true team player.
Snehal contributes to significant chunk of all the development work and does it tirelessly day in and day out. She loves to contribute ideas to make the product better.


Sonal Menkar

Software Engineer

Sonal is a silent warrior, she gives attention to detail. Being fresh out of college she does not hesitate to put in long hours to get ahead start in corporate world.


Satyadeep Basugade

Software Engineer

Satyadeep is enthusiastic about technologies, he is work horse ready to slog it out.

Sagar Kanse

Software Engineer

Sagar is a very fast learner who has picks up technologies in no time. He is certainly someone who would value customer feedback very high and will go that extra length to understand exactly what’s needed.


Resham Wadhankar

Software Engineer

Resham is methodical in approach, he is much organised and so is his work.

Aniruddha Supe

QA Engineer

Aniruddha is our QA Engineer, very eager to learn and contribute to the company's success.


Rajat Tanwar

Software Engineer

Rajat has Excellent communication skills, he is a wizard at adapting to technologies like fish to water.

Thomas Fernandes

Software Engineer

Thomas is our web expert, proficient in UI /UX design as well, picks up newer technologies and is equally good at server technologies.


Sanju Patidar

Software Engineer

Sanju is a quick learner and comes with the right set of skills needed in startup kind of environment ready to take end to end responsibility.

Awaneesh Singh

Software Engineer

Awaneesh is a quick learner and pays attention to details. He is someone who quickly gets proficient with technologies and willing to take responsibilities.